Manya Novak (Shiffman)

by Zivony Shiffman

Manyah (Malkah) Novak

Manya (Malka) Novak  was born in David Gorodok in 1873. Her father's name is Pinkhus Novak.  Her parents early have died also she lived with the brother. She was the orphan and has left in Turov (near David-Horodok) in marriage for Moishe-Velvl Shiffman approximately in 1893.

Moishe-Veivel and Manya (Novak) Shiffmann

Moishe-Velvl Shiffman (was born in Turov in 1865) lived with family at the centre Turov in the stone house worth on a coast the rivers. He had a tannery and Manya went to sell a leather in Poland and other cities of Byelorussia.

Manya was the low small woman, but became the mother - heroine. She and Moishe-Velvl had 10 children - 6 son and 4 daughter, everybody were born  in Turov.  Now two younger daughters from them  are alive. One - Shifra (1916) lives in Israel, and second - Atya (1918) lives in Germany. The founder of family Manya and Moishe-Velvl Shiffman and his posterity (400K) now has made already 130 men, from which 100 including his two daughters are alive. All relatives now live in different countries. Moishe-Velvl and Manya have died during world war in evacuation in Baku in 1942 (Moishe-Velvl - September 19, Manya - December 8).

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