Old pictures from David-Horodok

The Pine family

Submitted by Mr. Philip Smoller

Although the name in America is pronounced Pine, and it is written in Russian as Pine, the spelling in Hebrew is PAIN. However it is pronouced P - eye - N. When accessing all the records from David Gorodok it is always spelled in Hebrew as Payin, or Pain, or Pein.

  1. Sara and Sophie
  2. Shana-Golda
  3. Sam
  4. Murray (1930)
  5. Zeesle
  6. Irving
  7. Sophie
  8. Miriam Shwartznova (Schwartman) - 1938
  9. Unknown (a)
  10. Unknown (b)
  11. Unknown (c)
  12. Miriam Schwartnova/Schwartman
  13. Unknown (e)
  14. Unknown (f)
  15. Unknown (g)
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