"Since god called to spring and slaughter together.
The sun was shining, the acacia blooming,
and the slaughterer slaughtered"
"Master of the world, make a miracle that evil
Shall not reach me"

(From the poem "In the city of slaughter",
by H. N. Bialik, 1904)

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Translation from Hebrew: Yossef Rothman

To my wife Chayah
and my daughters Edith and Tamar
with love


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Table of Contents



A word from the translator

Introduction to the Hebrew Original version

Ch. 1 - Vicissitudes and Fate

Ch. 2 - My Parents of blessed memory

Ch. 3 - My Childhood in Shteitl

Ch. 4 - Matriculation and Maturity

Ch. 5 - BA. In Anti-Semitism (1935-1940)

Ch. 6 - The Communists Are Coming (September 1939 – June 1941)

Ch. 7 - The Germans Enter Vilna (June 24, 1940)

Ch. 8 - To The Ghetto

Ch. 9 - The Underground Gets Organized

Ch. 10 - Vittenberg Day - July 16, 1943

Ch. 11 - To The Forest

Ch. 12 - In Shura Bogen's Special Company

Ch. 13 - Anti-Semitism In The Forests

Ch. 14 - Liberation

Ch. 15 - Returning Home

Ch. 16 - My Holocaust

Ch. 17 - Destination - Eretz Isroel

Ch. 18 - “The Escape” From Poland and Germany

Ch. 19 -Immigration In Eretz Isroel



A Look From The Distance Of Years On the Vilna Ghetto commander, Yaakov Gens

Was There A Rebellion In The Vilna Ghetto

Holocaust and Heroism Memorial Day At “Massuah”, Tel Itzhak, 1969
(Speech written and read by Litman Mor)

Word of the survivors
At the National Assembly of the Holocaust and
Heroism Memorial Day, Jerusalem 1997 

Words written by Litman Mor in the Condolence Book, on the day of assassination of PM Ytzhak Rabin


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